Hello all.

As many of you know, there was a rash of vehicle burglaries overnight (Friday to Saturday morning) in the Ridge Road area. According to Chief Al Kurylka, we’ve received reports of about nine victims and an unknown number of vehicles entered so far. The chief has two officers responding to the victims we know about now to collect information and write up reports. This will take some time, so if you are a victim and haven’t been visited yet, please have patience.

According to the chief, Frenchtown was hit after similar vehicle burglaries occurred in Holland and Milford over the past few weeks.

Please check your vehicles to make sure they were not entered overnight and if anything was taken, call headquarters to make a report.

Not everyone is on Facebook, where much of the discussion has occurred thus far, so please talk with your neighbors to let them know what’s going on.

I don’t know yet whether in this instance locked vehicles were broken into or unlocked vehicles were entered, but obviously a locked vehicle provides some deterrent.

If anyone wants to call me, feel free: 908-229-4922, or send me an email: wcooper@frenchtownboro.com.

Future updates about this will be on the borough webpage (www.frenchtownboro.com) or via my email list, not on Facebook. If you know someone who hasn’t been getting emails from me, they’re not on my list. Please urge them to send me an email address to stay informed.