Good morning, Frenchtown.

I’ve just learned from Chief Al that arrests have been made in the series of vehicle burglaries on Ridge Road a few weeks back.

According to the chief, the investigation is ongoing, by our police, the State Police, the county Prosecutor’s Office and Holland Township police. In his words, “It’s very very active.”

As a result of a search warrant, a great deal of stolen property has been recovered, “quite a bit of it is ours,” the chief said. That property is currently being held by the Prosecutor’s Office, which will contact residents to identify it and reclaim it. That process will take some time, however.

In the meanwhile, there is more property that has been recovered than has been claimed by victims (here and elsewhere) and the chief wants residents to check through their homes, vehicles, garages, etc. to see whether something might have been taken without your noticing. Contact the PD if you come upon something missing.

Thus far, at least two people are in custody and the police may arrest at least one more individual. The alleged thieves hail from Bound Brook, Hillsborough and Lopatcong, according to the chief.

As more information becomes available, I’ll share it. Meanwhile, I understand from the chief that the cooperation among the various agencies was excellent. I know I’m speaking for everyone when I express my appreciation for the hard work done by all and especially that of our own officers.

On another note, the cameras that we have ordered to be located in Borough Park and other locations around town are in and will be installed shortly. With luck the cameras will help suppress some of the vandalism we’ve seen in the park – or help the police catch the individuals responsible.

On Friday, Aug. 23, Borough Council appointed Jack Opdyke to take the seat left vacant by the resignation of Robb Arent.Thanks are due to Jack and to Geoffrey Stanley and John DenBleyker who also we willing to serve. Jack will be sworn in at the next Borough Council meeting, which has been moved from Wednesday Sept. 4 to Thursday Sept. 5. Hope to see you there.

Don’t forget to make your way downtown this weekend for Riverfest and the annual pet parade. It’s a great family event and another terrific excuse to wander around downtown with friends and neighbors. See you there.