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Dear Frenchtown:

Please take a moment to view the attached COVID-19 update from the Borough of Frenchtown. Thank you to Councilwoman Kandy Ferree and Eric Fiorito for helping us put this public service announcement together this evening. Also, a big thank you to our OEM Coordinators Karen Hahn Harmon and Amy Cochrane and Council President Michele Liebtag.

The entire governing body including (Tami Peterson, Liz Johnson, Caroline Scutt, and Bill Sullivan) along with our staff are working on a daily basis to prepare and respond to the COVID-19 emergency.

COVID-19 Resources (Updated 4/2):


As you may be aware, Governor Murphy issued Executive Order No. 103 this evening which declares a State of Emergency in reference to the Coronavirus which is spreading across the globe including confirmed cases in New Jersey.  I have included a web link to a copy of the executive order below.

Among numerous action items, the executive order is aimed at protecting the public from price gouging, fostering ongoing collaboration between governmental entities, and authorizing the full resources of state government to combat the spread of the virus.

I am in active contact with key officials from the Hunterdon County Health Department and the State of New Jersey.  Please know that the governing body and I will follow whatever recommendations are deemed appropriate to protect the public.

In the interim, I wanted to share some resources from the Hunterdon County Health Department on the Coronavirus which you may find useful to you and your family members.

Coronavirus: What Hunterdon Residents Need to Know

An informational video from Hunterdon County Health Director Karen DeMarco:

More frequent cleanings of Borough facilities.
Library patrons should avoid going to the library if they are not feeling well.  Rather, Frenchtown residents can call ahead to Kelly Pickering at 908-996-4788 and a book will be left in a sealed bag for outside pick or possible porch delivery by local volunteers.

(Earned Sick Leave, Temporary Disability, Family Leave, and Unemployment Insurance)
In New Jersey we have many rights and protections if you must stop working because your workplace or child’s school/daycare is closed due to coronavirus. Learn more about coronavirus scenarios and Earned Sick Leave, Temporary Disability, Family Leave, and Unemployment Insurance from the NJ Department of Labor:

To get more details on the NJ Earned Sick Leave Law visit:

Resources for Businesses

The State of New Jersey has created a new website for impacted business by COVID-19. Please refer to:

NJ Pandemic Relief Fund
The Community Foundation of New Jersey is pleased to be partnering with First Lady Tammy Murphy and other civic leaders to host the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund (NJPRF). This new nonprofit umbrella organization will marshal resources across the state to identify critical needs and fight the economic and social impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey’s vulnerable communities.

Additional information regarding grant guidelines and applications will be posted shortly on the organization’s website,

Curbside Service Available at Frenchtown Market
In response to requests from residents, Frenchtown Market has created a curbside pick-up service for customers unable to shop in person.  Please use the attached form to submit your order.  Frenchtown Market will process orders in twenty-minute increments on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8AM-4PM. You will be assigned an approximate pickup time on a first-come, first-serve basis. Frenchtown Market will call once the order has been completed.   You must be available to pick up your order upon notification.  See the bottom of the attached form for further detail.  Stay safe and healthy Frenchtown.  Curbside-Pickup-at-Frenchtown-Market.pdf

I hope that these resources are helpful to you.