This Third Street status report is from Bob Clerico, the borough engineer working on the River Mills project. It appears that repairs to Third Street will take several weeks and the road will remain closed to traffic through the middle of September. As more information becomes available, I’ll share it with you.

Warren – per your request I am providing this update on the status of the retention basin wall construction and the related closing of 3rd Street at Railroad Ave. The contractor excavated the basin area up to the 3rd St. curb line on Friday with the intention of continuing with the installation of shoring prior to the forming and pouring of the footing and subsequent retaining wall construction this week. However, the heavy rains on Monday morning caused a partial collapse of the excavation and loss of several curb sections before the contractor had installed the shoring.
(DPW manager) Mike Reino advised me of the situation on Monday morning and I attended a 10:30 meeting at Borough Hall on Monday with Mike, Chief Kurylka, Patrolman Murphy and representatives from the two contractors (McAllister/R&S Construction) along with Paul Johnson from George Michael’s organization (GMA). The items discussed included:

  • Closing of 3rd St. – Although the pavement on 3rd was not damaged, the loss of the curbing combined with concern for further undermining of the pavement led to the decision to close off the end of 3rd St to traffic until the edge of excavation could be stabilized.  Since the 3rd Street exit to Railroad Avenue is the defined truck route for the project, all site fill operations were to be suspended until the backfill was completed and the road stabilized. After that point the road would be kept closed until the wall is completed, however it would be open for one directional truck exit movements during construction hours.
  • Installation of Shoring – R&S was to coordinate with GMA and their soils engineer to come up with a plan for installing a shoring adjacent to the 3rd Street excavation. Paul Johnson submitted that plan to my office on Monday evening. Installation of the shoring began on Tuesday morning with the area between the shoring and the existing pavement being backfilled with ¾ inch clean stone to protect the integrity of the new pavement.
  • Wall construction – As of today (Aug. 29) R&S is setting the wall foundation forms with an inspection and pouring schedule for Friday. The wall sections will then be formed and scheduled for an inspection and pouring next Wednesday. The wall will require seven days for curing and backfilling operations could then begin on Wednesday 9/12/12. The above schedule this obviously dependent on weather conditions and the contractors obtaining approvals of the inspections by (borough construction official) Ken Rogers.
  • Road restoration – once the wall has been backfilled the temporary concrete barriers will be reset along the edge of pavement and the road opened to traffic. GM will be responsible for the replacement of the curb which will be done in conjunction with the construction of sidewalk that they are obligated to install as part of their project.