Good Evening, Frenchtown.

Well, here we are again facing another potential snow storm. I’m glad I wrote last week: “if we get what they’re predicting…”

Read on to learn about preparations this week, ice skating in the park and Wednesday’s Borough Council meeting.

Snow Storm News:
Anyway, everything I wrote about preparations last time is true this time as well. Except, with Governor Christie leaving for England tomorrow, we’ll have to rely on Acting Governor Kim Guadagno to declare a state of emergency…keep listening.

While we didn’t get to use the Snow Captain system for the last storm, we may launch it this time.

Several residents have volunteered to help coordinate snow removal on their blocks. This effort would chiefly FOLLOW a storm, when we’re trying to help one another dig out our vehicles. Here’s how it would work (theoretically LOL): You would get a call from our DPW manager, the OEM manager, the police or me to tell neighbors on your block that the plow is on its way and to move their cars from the curb. You’ll get some lead time (probably an hour or so.) Below are the blocks that still need Captains. Let me know whether you’d be willing to help out.

We need Snow Captains for these lower streets: 2nd 3rd, 8th, these upper streets: 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, and for these: Lott, Front, Hawk, So Harrison and Railroad.

Skating in Borough Park:

Union Fire Company Captain Mike Atheras and our other volunteer fire fighters have once again braved the cold to draw water from the Nishisackawick Creek to fill the skating rink. Unfortunately, because there was still snow on the ground from last week, they weren’t able to put the liner in place… so we’re losing a bit as the ground soaks it up. They added a few inches this afternoon and we hope it will be in shape for a skate tomorrow (Sunday late in the day). I’ll make sure to post something on the Frenchtown Facebook page if it’s a go. If we can pull it off, there may even be a bonfire tomorrow night for those of you who don’t know which end of the Superbowl football to deflate. Bonnie and I will bring the hot chocolate, everyone else should bring a donation for the Fire Company! Thanks to Parks Commissioner (and Borough Council member) Cathy Leach for helping to make this happen.

Borough Council meets Wednesday, Feb. 4 at 7:30 pm at Borough Hall:

I want to give you a heads up about this important meeting. We’ll learn about the long-awaited startup of the borough’s new sewer plant, a long-term, borough-wide road maintenance plan, a preliminary proposal to address the Hilltop streets problem (paved streets, drainage, sewer lines, etc.), an update on the PennEast Pipeline, a novel plan to address pedestrian and motorist safety in town, and a host of other important things, including the swearing in of Jack Opdyke as Borough Council President for 2015. Join us!

More about the snowstorm:

Again, I want to remind you of the long-standing Borough ordinance that requires property owners to clear sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of a storm. Other than in the business district, you can’t shovel the snow into the street.

As always, please be on the alert for our neighbors who may need a little extra help. Check in with folks if you have a chance.

Stay warm, stay safe, and keep your eye out for Punxsutawney Phil on Tuesday.

(Anybody want to organize a town-wide snowman (oops, snowperson?… um, snowbeing?) building event? We can post photos on the Frenchtown Facebook page – and if I can figure out how, on the borough website as well.)

It’s all for fun, you know.