Did you wake up this morning to find damage to your home or property?

Hunterdon County Emergency Management Coordinator Brayden Fahey has information regarding the steps and actions that you should be taking for a successful recovery from Hurricane Sandy. “Obviously, the overall concern and focus is for the safety of our residents and visitors. Whether you’re a home or business owner, you should not be outside assessing your damage unless you can be absolutely sure that the conditions on your property allow you to do so safely.

If you left your home during the storm be sure it is safe to reenter.If you smell gas or find any other hazard, do not go inside, there have been many documented cases of folks returning home to a myriad of unsafe conditions.” Fahey outlines that the most crucial part of the recovery for property owners and government officials is an accurate damage assessment and reporting of that information to municipal officials. “The starting point is to contact and file a claim with your insurance company. This is actually required for anyone who intends to file for disaster assistance further along in the process, should we receive a federal disaster declaration for individual assistance.

The second point is to document your damage when it is safe to do so. Take photographs and keep them on file so you have a record of the damage you incurred. The final step is to report your estimated financial damages to your local, municipal, emergency management officials in your community. Do not contact the County Emergency Management Division; we need the information compiled at the municipal level for each municipality and will end up having to redirect you there anyway. If you cannot reach your local officials, contact your municipal building to be directed to the appropriate parties.