Message from Mayor Cooper:

Following the lead of Governor Christie and on the advice of Karen Harmon, Frenchtown’s Emergency Management Coordinator, I signed a Proclamation of Local Emergency about an hour ago.

Proclamation of Local Emergency 02-12-14 (1)

The Proclamation declares that police, fire and rescue and other emergency responders, and the Department of Public Works will be “unhampered in their efforts to maintain law and order as well as an orderly flow of traffic and further to protect the persons and property of the residents.”

Until the state emergency is rescinded by the governor –

1) Parking on Bridge Street, Race Street and all county roads is prohibited.

2) Alternate side parking on side streets may be imposed to allow for plowing and snow removal.

3) The borough may authorize the removal of vehicles hindering snow removal operations.

4) Frenchtown Police may tow or ticket any vehicle in violation of this order.

5) Frenchtown Police may close any road within borough limits.

Declaring a local state of emergency enables Frenchtown to apply for reimbursement through the Federal Emergency Management Agency for the cost of repair to emergency and other borough equipment damaged during the storm and for other costs.

As in other municipalities, our biggest concerns are the loss of power due to the storm and the safety of our residents – both in their homes and traveling on the roads.

Please be mindful of the need to clear walkways of snow within 24 hours of the end of the storm, at this time projected to be sometime Friday morning. And be on the lookout for our friends and neighbors who made need a little help in this regard.

I know that this is made more difficult by snow being pushed over the curb by plows – and magnified by previously plowed snow that has now frozen, but it must be done for the good of all. The police have already delivered written warnings about snow removal to nearly two dozen residents and business people in town. They will write tickets to those already warned who do not comply.

Keep in mind that Frenchtown and most of the municipalities in the county are short of road salt – or, in some cases, completely out. The county and state have reported shortages as well. Roads may become treacherous. As we’re told over and over under such circumstances: If you do not absolutely need to drive, you absolutely should not.

On a positive note: if we can get a few folks down to Borough Park to shovel the rink free of newly fallen snow, there ought to be some great skating on Friday night.

Let’s stay safe and, to the extent possible, enjoy the opportunity to spend time with family and neighbors. If we’re fortunate to have no power outages, there is a very good chance that the snow, sleet and freezing rain will again remind us that our town is a magical place.



Warren Cooper, Mayor
Borough of Frenchtown

Borough Hall
29 Second St.

Frenchtown, NJ 08825

908-996-4524 (office)

908-229-4822 (cell)