Dear Frenchtown:

This coming Tuesday, August 20th at 9 AM, the old water tower at the former ceramics mill (across from Frenchtown School) will be coming down.  The public is welcome to come and watch the demolition but is asked to stay on the school side of Harrison Street.  Frenchtown Police will also be on hand to ensure that everyone is safe and away from any potential danger. 

Also to address some of the questions that I have been asked about the water tower, I have outlined some answers below.   

Q:  Does the water tower provide drinking or otherwise usable water to Frenchtown residents?

A:  No, the water tower was strictly for the old factory site which has since been demolished.

Q: Is the water tower worth saving for historical purposes?

A: Salvagability for historical purposes is always debatable, however, in this case, the water tower would cost several hundred thousand dollars to refurbish and it offers no long term value to the future use of the site.  In addition, the water tower has numerous leaks and has become an attractive nuisance where individuals have sought to climb the tower and paint graffiti.  

Q: What about the cell phone panels atop of the tower, will our cell service be negatively impacted?

A: The water tower has no power to it, and the cell phone panels currently atop of the tower have been nonoperational for several years. 

I hope that is information is helpful and welcome you to come to watch another step forward in the clean up of the site.  I also extend my gratitude to Country Classics for giving the advance notice as requested so that we could alert Frenchtown residents that may wish to memorialize this occasion.