New Trash Containers for Residents

Frenchtown Borough Council is pleased to announce that residents will receive free-of-charge a 95-gallon cart to be used for weekly trash pick-up.  The trash cart will be blue like the recycling cart but will have a different color sticker on its lid to denote solid waste.  This new cart must be used for trash in place of your current trash containers starting on Friday, March 11, 2016.

Raritan Valley Disposal (RVD) will deliver carts to residents during the week of March 7thPlease contact Borough Hall at 908-996-4524 if you have not received a new cart by Thursday, March 10.   Please make sure to use only the new bins beginning Friday, March 11.  RVD will also pick-up any old unwanted trash bins from residents for disposal on that day.

Smaller trash and recycling carts are available for those unable to maneuver the larger carts.  Please let us know and we will get you one in lieu of the larger carts.

RVD has also asked that if you do not have a yellow recycling sticker on your recycling cart to let us know and we will get you one.

Please contact Borough Hall at 908-996-4524 or email Michele Liebtag at or John Hindman at with any questions or if you have not received a trash cart by Thursday, March 10th.



Author: cleach

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