Sustainable Frenchtown

Sustainable Frenchtown’s mission is to grow our town into the most viable, thriving community we can be through the implementation of actions that mobilize our borough to promote environmental, economic, and social sustainability, and that give back to our town, state, and world at large.

Sustainable Frenchtown Resolution


Bike Valet at Frenchtown Riverfest 9/4/16

Community Paper Shredding Day 8/27/16

Programs We Support

Breathe Freely Frenchtown Campaign

Prescription Drug Safety and Disposal: Project Medicine Drop



June 21, 2016 Meeting Agenda

July 12, 2016 Meeting Agenda

August 9, 2016 Meeting Agenda


June 21, 2016 Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2016 Meeting Minutes




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Icon of Community Paper Shredding Day 8/27/16 Community Paper Shredding Day 8/27/16