The Dept of Public Works will begin leaf pickup on Monday, November 2 and end on Monday, November 30.

  1. No leaves should be placed in the street before November 1 or after November 30.
  2. No brush, sticks, or any other objects can be mixed with the leaves. Leaf piles containing objects other than leaves will not be picked up.  The machinery is designed to pick up leaves only.  Sticks and other objects will cause damage to the leaf vac machinery.
  3. No leaves should be placed within 10 feet of a catch basin.  This is because rain will wash the leaves into the drainage system causing blockages and potentially flooding.
  4. No leaves should be placed within 20 feet of a STOP sign.  This is to avoid having the entire truck and leaf machine blocking intersections, as the vacuuming takes place near the rear of the machinery.
  5. Absolutely no yard waste, leaves, or debris of any kind should be placed in the street any other time of year for any reason.  Residents will be notified if special street pickups will be provided in the aftermath of severe storms.