On behalf of the Mayor, Borough Council, and Frenchtown Police Department, we offer our collective sadness and support to the family of George Floyd and all families touched by violence and racism across our communities. No public statement, only action, can come close to adequately supporting families and communities of color in this time of grief and anger.

We are sickened by the recent murder of George Floyd, and the senseless deaths of others before him. These recent events continue to lay bare a simple truth – systemic racism and violence are still divisive evils in our society. Whether we have personally felt this evil or not, we all must unite in our fight to eradicate it. Racial violence must be rooted out and prosecuted and we must aim to build a culture of tolerance and respect for one another regardless of the color of our skin.

The many strong, peaceful protests around the country, and here in neighboring communities, show the true message and actions to bring about change. The violent attacks on law enforcement, community businesses, and property are not part of the same grassroots movement to fight racial bias and violence. We must reject violence in all its forms.

What we can do is deeply commit to fight against bias and violence every day in our minds, in our hearts, and in our actions.

We must lead by example. Frenchtown must and will be committed to fair and equal treatment of our friends, neighbors, and everyone in our community. The officers and leadership of the Frenchtown Police Department are hardworking and committed to these principles. We expect nothing less than total commitment to treating all equally and with the dignity we all deserve.
The Frenchtown Police Department prioritizes community policing. As a result, our officers have built relationships and trust with our residents, business owners and visitors. Racism, mistreatment, and violence against anyone living, working, or visiting our community will not be tolerated.

Now is the time for action, speaking up and standing against the racial injustices plaguing our society. We are better than this and Frenchtown will join in this fight. We stand in solidarity and unapologetically join our fellow Americans by taking a stand to demand justice and change across our country. The status quo is simply unacceptable and must be steadfast in our collective commitment to building a culture of fairness, equal justice, and respect.

Bradley Myhre, Mayor
Michele Liebtag, Council President
Mark Gantner, Police / Public Safety Director