On Wednesday, September 7th, Council President Michele Liebtag and Public Safety Director Mark Gantner presented a Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety Update to the council and members of the public.  This presentation detailed the grants and projects slated for future implementation as well as recently completed projects within the Borough.  The latest project was completed during the week of September 12th and is the result of a partnership with Hunterdon County and GoHunterdon.  Due to the fact that several Borough roads are regulated by the State or County, we must work collaboratively with the appropriate governmental agency for approval to make enhancements or changes to existing conditions.  As a result, Hunterdon County conducted a traffic study of Kingwood Avenue and Director Gantner, myself, Commissioner VanDoren, County Engineer Matthews, and GoHunterdon’s Tara Shepherd and Ryan Fisher conducted a walk through of Borough pedestrian routes along Kingwood Ave, Race Street and Everittstown Road and the following pedestrian safety and traffic calming measures were implemented.   

  • Installed “CROSSWALK AHEAD” warning signs and the diagonal arrow supplemental plate at all crosswalks on County Routes 513 (Everittstown Road) and County Route 610 (Kingwood Avenue).
  • Installed “CROSSWALK AHEAD” warning signs on County Routes 513 and 610 entering the Borough.
  • Installed a “CROSSWALK AHEAD” on Creek Road.
  • Widened and re-striped the cross walk on County Route 610 by the General Store and on County Route 513 by Second Street to increase conspicuity.
  • Re-striped the crosswalk on Second Street because it has faded.
  • Created and striped a gore area at the intersection of County Route 513 to deter vehicular illegal turns.
  • Installed a “NO RIGHT TURNS” supplemental plate under the existing sign on County Route 513 so it matches the one on Milford Road.

This is an ongoing process but the Borough has not been complacent.  We have worked hard through our strategic partnerships and have succeeded in bringing more than $1.7 million dollars of grant monies into the Borough.  We will continue to seek out funding and grants to enhance additional strategic police enforcement campaigns, fixes to traffic calming and pedestrian safety challenges and anticipate the Safe Routes to Schools and TAP Grants enhancement implemented in 2023.  There will be public input sessions for both of those grants.  Stay tuned for those dates and further updates.  

2022-09-07 Frenchtown Safety Presentation.pdf