Borough Park is open for ice skating! Hurray!!!

I’ve officially extended the hours we can be in the park tonight and tomorrow until 10 p.m.  Let’s get together for a Frenchtown family skate. We’ll have two: Tonight, 6-9 p.m. (the lights will be on — thanks to DPW chief Mike Reino) and tomorrow, 3-5 p.m. (kids have school on Monday… boo hoo.

If we can get it together, we’ll have a bonfire tonight. Bring marshmallows and sticks. We’ll be selling hot chocolate as a fundraiser for the Fire Department. They filled the “pond”, monitored it, measured the thickness of the ice to make sure it was safe, and last night shoveled it free of snow (thanks guys.)

No bonfire tomorrow.

Of course, the park is open all day, so you can skate at your own risk anytime. (You’re skating at your own risk during the family skates, too, of course… don’t get crazy.)  If you have an extra pair of skates at home that you feel comfortable lending, bring them so a kid without can join in the fun.

See you there!


ps: Please spread the word. Not everyone is on my mailing list.