On Wednesday, March 26, at 5 p.m., Frenchtown hosts a meeting of the Hunterdon County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy group.

The CEDS seeks to use economic and social demographic trends to set a course for future county wide economic development. Mayor Warren Cooper is a member of the CEDS executive committee. He says the data is eye-opening.

Some of us will be impacted more than others, but the predicted changes will affect every resident and property owner in Hunterdon County. We want to make sure that Frenchtown and the other river towns are at the center of the county’s response.

Out of the CEDS will come very specific plans for housing, for business and industrial growth, for tourism promotion, healthcare advocacy, transportation, etc. Tomorrow night, the Freeholder’s CEDS consultant will focus on demographic trends affecting the river towns.

This is your chance to hear what’s coming, to ask questions, and to share your thoughts.

Please take a moment to visit the county CEDS website https://www.hunterdonceds.com/ for a look at some of the demographic predictions. And please join us on Wednesday, March 26, at 5 p.m. in Borough Hall to hear the presentation and have your voice heard.

We urge you to attend and look forward to seeing you!