Frenchtown makes list of'cutest vacation spots'Frenchtown makes list of ‘cutest vacation spots’

(FRENCHTOWN, N.J. May 31) – Jetsetter magazine named Frenchtown one of the top “cutest vacation spots” in the Northeast.

“Given its size (tiny), the Delaware River gem is shockingly rife with worthwhile restaurants and boutique shops that run the gamut from home decor to fine jewelry,” wrote Clara Seldak in a May 26th article that listed nine Northeastern getaways, including Montpelier, VT and Stockbridge, Mass.

 “At Jetsetter, we’re always on the hunt for hidden gems–places, restaurants, hotels, which people may not know about. Frenchtown is one such destination. It’s the perfect weekend getaway, with lots to discover and it’s easily accessible,” she said. 

 “We are honored by’s designation as one of the nine top communities to visit in the Northeast,” said Frenchtown Mayor Brad Myhre. “As a lifelong resident of Frenchtown, I can personally attest to the fact that Frenchtown is a great place to live, work and visit.”

A TripAdvisor-owned magazine and invitation-only travel Web site, recommended stops at the  Lovin’ Oven, “a farm-to-table eatery that calls a converted manufacturing warehouse home” and The Book Garden, an “indie shop (that) sets up its shelves inside a 19th-century Victorian home on Bridge Street.”

 “Frenchtown is a small community with a huge heart. It leaves a lasting impression on everyone who visits. So lasting that a short visit often turns into a lifetime,” said Frenchtown Councilwoman Caroline Scutt, owner of the book store and 11-year borough resident.  

The historic riverside borough was settled in 1794 by Paul Henri Mallet-Prevost, a Swiss fugitive from the French Revolution, who built the town’s first mill and store. His French dialect led to the nickname Frenchtown.

This year marks the borough’s 150th anniversary since it was incorporated on April 4, 1867.

A former factory town, Frenchtown has become a cultural destination with many art galleries and specialty shops and restaurants in the small downtown area. It is home to several street fairs and festivals, including Riverfest and Bastille Day.

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