Hello Frenchtown!
On Sunday, May 3 at 2 p.m. at the northeast corner of Old Frenchtown
Field (across from the elementary school) two mighty softball clubs will
come together for the second time to defend the honor of their sponsoring
Last year, the Frenchtown Frenzy slaughtered the Milford Mayhem (by a run
or two) in the inaugural battle. This year, the Mayhem is seeking
revenge… and the coveted yellow softball that has been on proud display
deep inside the locked bottom drawer of my desk at Borough Hall.
Which team will prevail THIS year?
Turn out to support your town! (Rumor has it that we’ll need all the
support we can get this year.) I’ll be announcing the game with some
hysterical drummer dude from Milford. Don’t worry, if I can influence the
outcome of the game from the sidelines, you know I will!
Admission is (almost) free: The game is a fundraiser for the food
pantries of the Frenchtown and Milford Presbyterian Churches, so you must
bring at least one nonperishable food item to watch. (If you want to play,
you need to bribe the coaches with more food donations.)
You don’t have to bring lunch, though. There will be food for sale,
including hot dogs, pierogies and other delights.
Attached is a flyer about the game.
Hope to see you there!

Warren Cooper, Mayor
Borough of Frenchtown

Borough Hall
29 Second St.
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
908-996-4524 (office)
908-229-4822 (cell)