Statement from ArtYard Frenchtown:

“ArtYard Welcomes Frenchtown Fire Department Training Saturday 2/23 9AM-1PM and Monday Evening 2/25

At the request of Fire Chief Mike Atheras, ArtYard is pleased to welcome the Frenchtown Volunteer Fire Department to 13 Front Street – the soon-to-be-demolished former site of Kerr Chickeries. Chief Atheras made a compelling case that few real-time, commercial building training opportunities exist for volunteer firefighters and first responders. Following the tragedy at Galassos and the Frenchtown Cafe, local residents are keenly aware of the need to have well trained first responders. Over the past few months Chief Atheras, Frenchtown Borough Council and the ArtYard Team prepared and approved the written agreements necessary to pave the way for a successful collaboration.

Chief Atheras and the FT Fire Department’s veterans and new recruits will carry out training activities at 13 Front Street this Saturday 2/23 between 9AM and 1PM and again on Monday evening 2/25. Fire trucks will be present during this time as the firefighters will be deploying hoses, breaching doors and interior walls and practicing life saving techniques as part of the training exercises.

ArtYard is pleased to offer this real time training opportunity to the Frenchtown Fire Department and we trust the skills learned will keep first responders and local residents safer in the coming months and years.”