Construction work around the Nishisakawick Creek will begin on Thursday, October 25, to restore areas of the creek that were damaged during Hurricane Irene.   For public safety, Frenchtown Borough Park will be temporarily closed while work is being performed on the sections of the creek that run through the park.  Weather permitting, the work in the park area will be completed in approximately 3 weeks, at which time the park will be re-opened to the public.

***update 10/25/12***

The latest weather report indicates that we might be in for gale-force winds, flooding, heavy rain and maybe snow starting Sunday and stretching past Wednesday.  Based on this impending weather forecast, our engineer has instructed the contractor to not begin any excavation work in the stream channel until after this storm passes.  For the next few days, the contractors will focus on prepping the project sites for construction access, delivering materials, etc. to get the overall project prepared and ready to begin work after the storm passes.  The Frenchtown Borough Park will remain closed during this time.