Frenchtown Borough Park Ice Skating Rink 

Basic Guidelines:

  1. Skate at your own risk.
  2. Helmets are recommended for all skaters.
  3. Skating in a manner that endangers or interferes with other skaters safety or pleasure is prohibited.
  4. Roughness, fooling around, excessive speeding or weaving through other skaters is prohibited, as it can cause injury.
  5. No tag or games of any kind are permitted on the ice rink.
  6. Slower skaters should stay near the center of the rink.  Faster skaters should skate around the borders of the rink.
  7. For your safety and the safety of other skaters, please try to get to your feet as quickly as possible after a fall.  Use hands to break your fall, but move hands and fingers quickly off the ice and next to your body to prevent cuts.
  8. No eating or drinking is permitted on the ice.
  9. Skaters are not allowed to carry children or secondary items such as cell phones, cameras, handbags, headsets, etc. while skating, as this is extremely dangerous.
  10.  Throwing snowballs or any objects is prohibited.
  11. Please secure all personal belongs.  The Borough of Frenchtown is not  responsible for lost or stolen items.
  12.  We’re all proud of our park and need your help to keep it clean.  Please “pitch in” and deposit all trash in the receptacles provided.
  13. Persons who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances are not permitted in the area.
  14. All other municipal park rules and regulations apply.

A copy of these guidelines is posted on the Pavillion at Frenchtown Borough Park.  

Be safe and have fun!!!