Hello Frenchtown!

Exciting news! The theater group that performed at Old Frenchtown Field last year from its pop-out traveling stage-truck returns Sunday and Monday, July 20 and 21 for performances of Shakespeare, Chekhov and an original piece based on George Orwell’s novel 1984,

Performances both nights are 6 p.m. at Old Frenchtown Field (across from the elementary school) and are FREE! (They will pass the hat during intermission, so bring a few bucks to help support them.)

Here’s the group’s press release. It was great fun last year. This year the early start makes it perfect for a town-wide family picnic celebration. Hope to see you there!


FRENCHTOWN, NJ — The internationally trained ensemble, Momentum Theatre Troupe, perform Shakespeare and Chekhov from a traveling stage-truck at Old Frenchtown Field in Frenchtown at 6 pm on Sunday and Monday, July 20 and 21. Both performances are free and open to the public.

Momentum Theatre Troupe brings bold, innovative, and challenging theater to diverse US and international audiences, performing from the pop-out stage of a custom-built truck that transforms into a surprising, multi-level, multi-stage performance space.

From Bar Harbor, Maine to Chicago, the troupe takes to the road every summer to celebrate the diversity of community, create accessible art, and inspire others to reach undiscovered heights of imagination.

MTT’s 2014 repertoire includes Juliet and her Romeo, Momentum Theatre Troupe’s reworking of the Shakespeare classic; Chekhov’s one act The Proposal; and an original piece inspired by Orwell’s 1984.

The Proposal and 1984 are directed by guest directors Ryan Collins and Malik Rumeau.

All three plays will be performed both nights. This is Momentum Theatre Troupe’s second summer performing in Frenchtown.

“This is really wonderful, accessible theater,” said Frenchtown Mayor Warren Cooper. “The truck morphs into an impossible-to imagine performance space,” Cooper said, “with actors racing across the roof, popping out of unexpected doorways and hatches and striding out into space along unexpected platforms.”

“Kids and adults watched last year’s performances with eyes wide and jaws dropped,” the mayor said.

He invited families to come early and picnic in the park ahead of the 6 p.m. performances.

Old Frenchtown Field is on Harrison Street across from Frenchtown Elementary School.

For more information about this season’s tour schedule and MTT’s upcoming shows, as well as for information on how to donate to MTT, please visit theatretruck.com or email mttroupe@gmail.com.