Hello all.

Many people have put storm debris at the curb or into the street. I ask you to put it back on your lawn… in the back yard, if possible. The amount of debris in town is enormous. It cannot be collected at this time.

Here’s why.

Fuel is scarce and becoming scarcer. There is no way to know if or when gas and diesel will become impossible to find. It would be wrong to use what we have to collect debris from peoples’ homes and then be unable to fill generators or respond to emergencies the crisis may yet bring.

Moreover, collecting individual residential debris would take time away from clearing the trees and debris that the storm has deposited onto roads and on sidewalks. That must be done to make the town safe for all.

For the same reason, I have also asked the DPW to immediately stop picking up leaves. Their time and our fuel are both better served attending to other storm-related problems.

I ask for everyone’s cooperation in this. Frenchtown is a caring community. Now is the time to show that we regard the interests of the entire community to be as important as our individual interests.

In an earlier update, I asked people in need of help to contact me and let me know. Several have. I also asked for volunteers who would be able to help provide that aid. Some of us have stepped up. We need more. On Friday morning, Frenchtown resident Tom Woodruff and I will begin trying to organize that effort so it can begin this weekend. Please let me know ASAP if you can help by leaving me a message (908-229-4822) or emailing me (wcooper@frenchtownboro.com).

There are people who do not receive these notices. Please pass the word along.

One last thing. The Hurricane Sandy ordeal is not over, not by a long shot. If you have stored water, don’t be so quick to use it… certainly don’t pour it down the drain or into the garden or street. It may come in handy yet, if not for you then possibly for someone else. The president of JCP+L told New Jersey mayors today that it could take up to 14 days from today for power to be restored to all of the more than 2 million New Jersey customers affected. Let’s not take the situation lightly.

Thanks. Stay safe.