Dana Dinner

Our Next Dana Dinner is Tuesday November 25, 2014 from 6 PM until approximately 9 PM  at Lovin’ Oven, 69 Trenton Avenue, Frenchtown, NJ.

In partnership with our friends Mike and Julie from Lovin’ Oven, and Matt Branham from The Frenchtown Acupuncture Clinic, The Cross River Meditation Center Sangha is hosting the second “Dana” dinner for our community. There will be bountiful dining choices for carnivores and herbivores.

“Dana” is an ancient Pali word meaning generosity and giving. The most effective and vital way we can give is by being mindfully present with each other. To actually put aside thoughts of self and to be fully aware of the presence of another is the true practice of an awakened being. Having great generosity of spirit brings profound joy and purpose into one’s life and we naturally want to share our spirit with others.

In a very practical way we can express our generosity of spirit by sharing what is most important with each other. There are four basic needs which human beings have in common, no matter what our social position at the present moment may be. We all share a need for food, shelter, and adequate clothing. We also all have a need to feel that we matter. To each other. A Dana dinner is a way for those that have the current means to show that we all matter, all the time. Mike and Julie are expressing great generosity in providing the venue, shelter and much more, for the evening. By sharing food and basic clothing and other necessities with all in our community, we will all express how we matter to each other, how important and significant our lives are.

We encourage all from our community to join us in sharing the great generosity of spirit that our community is blessed with. If you are able to, please bring a dish to share and a practical gift. Those that are not able to contribute food or practical gifts, please join us and share your generosity of spirit by your presence. We will have a table of practical donations for anyone to take home, after an incredible meal and warm fellowship.

Please spread the word to friends, family and businesses. A Dana Dinner Flyer is here: Dana Dinner Flyer If you are able to bring a dish to share and a practical gift, please do so. Bread, rolls, butter, deserts, soda, juice, milk and water will be greatly appreciated as well.

Below are suggestions for practical gifts to be left on our Dana table for anyone who wishes to take with them after our dinner.

  • House cleaning, shaving supplies and cereal for the gentlemen residents of Homestead House in Frenchtown
  • Work Gloves for Gardening for Andersen House
  • Outer clothing for children, women and men
  • Socks
  • Disposable Diapers
  • Infant Formula
  • Infant and youngsters toys
  • Blankets
  • School supplies and children’s backpacks

Please – Only new or near new clothes – Thank You

If you have a service you wish to donate to fill a need for an individual or family in our community, please let us know via our contact form above and we will post the offer on a separate page and announce at the dinner.

Please let us know that you will be attending and the approximate number of folks joining you, and what you will be bringing, if anything.

Thank You all for your generosity and presence. Peace.



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