Good morning, Frenchtown.


Due to mechanical problems with the leaf vacuum machine, the borough Department of Public Works is suggesting that we alter the way we clear leaves from the street this year. We will continue to use the vac in limited areas, and we’re trying to make other arrangements (borrowing a leaf vac from the county, for example) but we’re asking residents to help by changing the way we handle leaves on our properties until those arrangements can be made.

Rather than rake leaves directly into the street, please use biodegradable paper bags to collect them and place them at the curb, not in the street. Mike at Frenchtown Hardware carries these paper leaf bags, 30 gal, pack of 5 for $2.99. (Incidentally, this is a strategy that many other municipalities use as their sole method of leaf pickup.)

Alternatively, you can collect the leaves on your property and bring them to the recycling center off Trenton Avenue at the corner of South Washington Street.

Finally, and probably the best method, the leaves can be collected into a pile on your property and allowed to deteriorate in place to become compost for next year’s gardening or they can be shredded in place with a lawn mower and left to feed the lawn.
Thanks for your help.