Dear Frenchtown Borough Residents,

I recently met with representatives from both New Jersey American Water and their sub-contractor, CRJ Contracting, to discuss the proposed Cedar Street low pressure remediation project. After considering all aspects of the proposed work, it was agreed that the project would be best completed during night time hours.

While the decision was not easy, it was made with the best interests of all in mind. If you are not aware, the reason for this upgrade is to address a long-standing public safety concern regarding low water pressure affecting the Cedar Street section of our community. This low pressure situation causes poor water flow and reduces fire suppression capabilities which would leave the community vulnerable in the event of a fire incident. In order to remediate this problem, the contractor will be installing new materials under and across Everittstown Road.

With that being said, like most roadway construction projects, this work will not be accomplished without causing some inconvenience. Because of the unique location of the pipes in question, the project will require the full closure of Milford Road and the establishment of an alternating traffic pattern on Everittstown Road during hours operation.

Consequently, a closure of Milford Road means commercial truck traffic will need to be diverted to Harrison Street. As a safety concern for our children at the Frenchtown Elementary School, it would be prudent to avoid this traffic diversion during school hours of operation. Furthermore, a night time work schedule will allow the project to be completed during reduced traffic volume hours which will increase safety for the construction workers, the motoring public, and Borough as a whole. While night time construction will assuredly cause some inconvenience to our community, the public safety benefits gained are immeasurable.

Let’s all hope the project can be completed in a safe, efficient and timely manner. For additional details, see the New Jersey American Water project summary attached.

Thank you,

Mark Gantner
Public Safety Director