Report from Cannabis Committee Chairperson – John Dougherty
1.  Community input sessions were held on Saturday 10/22 from 9 to 11 am and on Tuesday 10/25 from 7 to 9 pm. On Saturday 14 Frenchtown residents and 3 Milford residents attended. On Tuesday 12 Frenchtown residents attended and one person who lives in Alexandria but works in Frenchtown.
2.  John Dougherty gave a short presentation at the start of each meeting and then we listened to comments and questions from the attendees.
3.  Both input sessions went well and were productive.
4.  Both sessions were recorded. The recordings are posted below and the committee will extract key points to input into the development of an ordinance. 
5.  Some people were in favor of cannabis businesses in Frenchtown while others were opposed. 
6. Comments included concerns about the impact on traffic and parking in town and the potential behavior of customers after making purchases at a retailer.  
Click here to listen to the recordings of the community input sessions: