Here’s What’s Happening:

The contract that the Hunterdon Area Energy Cooperative (HAEC) has with IDT Energy, Inc. to furnish

your electric supply through the Community Energy Aggregation Program is ending with your December

2020 meter read, and your electric supply service will be returned to your local utility company,

JCP&L. No action is required on your part. Your electric service will continue uninterrupted. 


Here’s What Happens Next:

We are pleased to announce that the program will be returning at a new rate of $0.0867/kWh

for a term of 9 months effective March 2021, and the new program offers residents the

opportunity to select a 100% renewable energy option. You will receive a more extensive mailing in

January 2021 with complete details about the new program, including frequently asked questions,

dates and times for outreach presentations, and methods you can use to opt-out of the program

should you not wish to participate.

If you have questions about this information, please call the program’s Customer Care Team

at 1-866-688-5197 or email Updated program information is

provided on the HAEC’s web page at

Thank you for participating in the HAEC’s Community Energy Aggregation Program.