Frenchtown is located along the banks of the Delaware River in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, across from Bucks County, Pennsylvania and bordering Alexandria and Kingwood Townships, just south of Milford.

The town is at the hub of five major country roads: Harrison Street which becomes County Route 619 to the north toward Milford; County Route 513, which heads north into Alexandria Township; Kingwood Avenue, which becomes state Route 12 heading east toward Flemington; Trenton Avenue, which becomes Route 29 heading south toward Lambertville, and Bridge Street which, heading west, leads to Pennsylvania over the Uhlerstown-Frenchtown Bridge.

Extending one mile along the Delaware River, Frenchtown is a principal destination for river activities, as well as shopping, dining and a return to simpler times. Most of the borough’s residential and commercial activity lies close to the river. The size of the community is 1.3 square miles. 2010 census figures put the Frenchtown’s population at 1,473, not much more than it was in 1930, when 1,139 people were said to live here.

In recent years, Frenchtown has become a cultural destination with many art galleries and specialty shops and restaurants in the small downtown area. It is home to several street fairs and festivals, including Riverfest and Bastille Day.

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